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Our Story

POURABUCHA was born out of the busy schedule we had – as an act of showing ourselves love.

It was born out of the love of crafting beautiful drinks that aim to substitute for alcoholic drinks, sans-preservatives which caused allergies – as an act of showing self-love. Flavours are inspired by drinks the founder couldn’t have in her younger days due to sports commitment, alcohol intolerance and allergies. 

Pourabucha is brewed with the best possible natural ingredients we could possibly find, and the kombucha is brewed the way it should be, to create the most delightful kombucha in the city state. 

From inception, Pourabucha has obtained food manufacturing license and brewed at approved facility in Singapore, where hygiene is a critical component in brewing  authentic and palatable kombucha with rich flavours. Looking for an alternative beverage filled with probiotics, high in beneficial acids and antioxidants? Look no further than Pourabucha – an alternative that reminds you to ‘pour’ into yourselves first.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel. To effectively ‘pour’ into others means we need to take time to ‘pour’ into ourselves first. At any time of the day, you can show self-care by pouring a cup of bucha. Time to pour-a-bucha?

Our Kitchen

Hand brewed with love in NEA-approved facility in our sunny Singapore, you can enjoy this probiotic drink with ease.

To achieve consistency and great taste in our brew, our kombucha is fermented in a controlled temperature.
Our kitchen has received a big fat ‘A’ for cleanliness too.
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